about us

We are an import and export company having offices in Lahore & Karachi – Pakistan and in Shanghai & Guangzhou – China. We supply goods to Food, Beverages, Pharmaceutical, Plastic, Automotive, Oil & Gas and Government Organizations with strong backup of after sales service, like warrantees, engineering support etc. Pepsi Cola, Coca Cola, Nestle, Unilever, P&G, Toyota are amongst our existing customers. We have ability to do Green & Brown Field projects with the support of our engineering team in Europe, China and Pakistan. We are in business with MNCs in different countries. We can provide you End to End Line customized solutions for high capacity production and Bulk Handling Equipments.

Annual maintenance at 32,000 hours of ABC HP Air Compressor 2100m3/hour @40bar at Coke Faisalabad Plant.
Vibration free ABC 2 x high pressure air compressor 2100m3/hour @40 bar and 2 x LP air compressors Horizon 600 at Coke, Faisalabad