SIDEL Group, France Sidel is the leading global provider of PET solutions for liquid packaging. They are committed to being an innovative, responsive and reliable partner, providing sustainable solutions for the beverage industry. After over 50 years of working in the industry and with clients all over the world, they have a clear understanding of what their customers want. And ever since, they have been pushing the boundaries of technology, striving to design solutions that make your production seamless and your business competitive. From packaging and blowing to filling, labelling and packing, through to palletising, they have solutions designed to meet any need your business may have. Whatever material your packaging uses. Whatever market you are in. Whether you are just starting out or have a mature brand. And if you don't see a solution that fits exactly with what your business needs, just ask and they will design one that does. That's what being a complete solutions provider is all about. At Sidel, they always challenge their equipment in order to be the best in class, therefore generating sustainable products to match the best expected performances. Gebo Cermex, France At Gebo Cermex they are constantly looking for new ways to make packaging line operations better, faster and more efficient. This commitment to innovation has made them a key player in the Factory of the Future movement, the current challenge to create Smart Factories where computerized systems can be used to design, simulate, monitor and safeguard physical processes, creating a virtual map of the physical world and optimizing decision-making. They remain at the forefront of this new industrial revolution, and in 2016 they have launched a palette of new 4.0 Simulation tools which are innovative and fully integrated with their existing industrial and design processes: 3D Scan, the most accurate field survey of an existing environment to perfectly secure supply fits; Energy Simulation to assess or forecast consumption and emissions; and Virtual Reality Simulation to visualise new installations with immersive 360° models. These three “virtual” tools are ideal for upstream decision-making. Meccanoplastica Group, Italy Meccanoplastica Group have long pursued a passionate approach. Indeed, Meccanoplastica has been designing and making Extrusion Blow Machinery for plastic materials of the HIGHEST quality since 1983. From a small firm of three founding members to a leading business on the Italian market and abroad, with offices in Florence (Italy) and Barcelona (Spain). They believe that the company’s strong suit was, and still is, its ability to work together with its clients and dynamically adapt to changing times and technology, as well as new market demand constantly coming in. This is proved by the fact that today they are the only company in Europe with the capacity and resources to design and manufacture Extrusion Blow Moulding (EBM), Injection-Blow Moulding (IBM) and PET preforms Stretch-Blow Moulding (SBM) machinery to meet the many needs of a growing and increasingly varied clientele. ABC Compressors, Spain Since its foundation in 1943, ABC has provided the most reliable compressors for different applications. Its global orientation and the commitment for growth was shown from its early exports in the 50’s to its latest geographical expansion, having delivered compressors in more than 120 countries. Similarly, ABC COMPRESSORS has adapted its product range to customized solutions and to the demands of new markets, such as PET blowing, where it was a pioneer in the 80s with the four-stage PET compressor, or as gas applications since the 70s. Becoming a worldwide benchmark in the piston compressor industry has always been ABC COMPRESSORS’ goal. The company is continuously expanding and consolidating as a global solution supplier (with its new assembly plants in China and Brazil, and the opening of new service outlets worldwide), offering the more robust and efficient compressors. ABC COMPRESSORS offers to its customers different supply alternatives, ensuring the quality through the entire production in Eibar. ABC COMPRESSORS has over 20.000m² of facilities all over the world for the production, assembly and testing of compressors. All the machines are produced and assembled at its factory in Eibar (Spain), on its own machining lines, guaranteeing the quality of all the fine parts. After this, both in Eibar factory and in assembly plants of Wujiang (China) and Itupeva (Brazil), the ABC compressors are assembled with their peripherals on a single chassis frame, and real operating tests are performed on the entire units before the delivery to customer. Thus, ABC COMPRESSORS guarantees that its compressors are 100% manufactured, machined, assembled and tested in Spain, with total process control and in accordance with European quality standards, assembling the complete package on a single chassis frame in any of its facilities. ABC COMPRESSORS most important resources are people, providing solutions and supporting customers worldwide. Additionally, the international sales and service network guarantees local assistance and a speedy response, thanks to its qualified staff and its official working and quality standards. MOSS S.r.l., Italy MOSS has been established in 1967 with a precise target, the manufacturing of dry-offset and silk-screen printing machines for the decoration of plastic objects and containers which is also the origin of our name: Machine Offset (&) Silk – Screen. Through the years the company has gradually grown up and from small workshop covering nearly 200 square meters where just a few people were employed, it has reached the current configuration of nearly 6.000 square meters. During the years MOSS extended its range of equipment to include hot foil printers, multipurpose machines for flexible tubes and pails, heat transfer machines for digital printing (DDS: Digital Decorating System), all offering very high technology and quality. MOSS is present in over 100 countries spread all 5 continents, although MOSS is particularly well established in developed markets such as Europe, Middle and Far East, South and North America. The MOSS machines represent the right answer to the market’s request for large production and high printing accuracy, for objects and containers from 1 ml. to 30 litres such as, for instance, bottles and jars for cosmetics and pharmaceutical, closures and caps for bottles, pails and buckets, flexible and rigid tubes. The printing technologies available at MOSS are four: • dry – offset • silk – screen • hot stamping • DDS (Digital Decorating System) Today, the production range of MOSS includes over 40 basic models which, thanks to their modular structure and a wide selection of accessories, have the possibility of being extremely flexible and versatile thus to cope with the market’s requirements. IMDvista, Switzerland IMDvista is an innovative high-tech Swiss company, specialising in the testing of Closure, Preform, bottle and barrier layer testing. Thanks to IMDvista COLOR inspection systems, they have established themselves worldwide as one of the leading partners for the plastics and packaging industry. IMDvista® provides a complete system solution that can be put together "à la carte". IMDvista products are developed by them and assembled in their own facilities to the highest quality standards. Cooltech, Finland COOLTECH is a manufacturer of screw compressor units based on original industrial screw compressors produced by leading European manufacturers for operation with halocarbons as well as ammonia and propane. A distinctive feature of these units is their exceptional reliability that meets the highest requirements, low operating costs, safety and little impact on the environment. COOLTECH compressor units lifetime is about 15-20 years, besides they have some advantages. Adapted for use of ammonia, propane, R404a, R134a, R507, R22, etc as refrigerants; Modern shape of rotors provide sufficient operation. Rotors with different length and diameter ratio are available; Rigid compressor housing made of cast iron provides low vibration level; Application of roller bearings. Unique combination of bearings increases compressor reliability and reduces friction loss to minimum; Stepless capacity control from 10 to 100%. Manual or automatic Vi control. Variable Vi control provides the most sufficient power consumption; High-performance horizontal oil separator with high efficiency of separation. Absence of oil pump in more than 90% of compressor units; Microprocessor controller wired to sensors, transmitters and solenoid valves for compressor protection, monitoring and capacity control. Full range of automation devices enables protection of the compressors from any emergency conditions; Easy maintenance. Detachable faceplates provide easy access to components of compressor. At the present time COOLTECH FINLAND OY offers the ammonia or HFC-operated compressor units with the evaporating capacity up to 2000 kW (up to 5000 kW for DUO PACK) (at To/Tk = -34°С/ +35°С) and the swept volume from 293 up to 10510 m3/hr (586 to 15840 m3/hr for DUO PACK). А series of compressor units DUO PACK based on two screw compressors ensuring higher reliability through the use of skid mounted single oil separator, conomizer, oil pump, filter and oil cooler. DUO PACK found wide application in those places where optimization of «cost - effectiveness - dimensions» criteria is needed. The term of manufacturing depends on the specific order and averages generally 14-18 weeks. Pentair, Germany In an increasingly competitive marketplace that has seen the consumption of both non- and alcoholic beverages grow rapidly, producers must have highly flexible and sustainable processes. Pentair helps its partners meet these challenges to create a highly efficient and advanced operation. Higher costs for raw materials, utilities and logistics force brewers and beverage producers in virtually every geographical area to change their investment philosophy. Pentair helps simplify manufacturing and helps makes it more efficient with products and integrated solutions that help maximize performance and resource conservation. The food & beverage industry has passed the sustainability point of no return. Pentair's Food and Beverage Processing solutions focus on helping minimize energy, water, and raw material consumption, providing industry-leading solutions that fit the ever-increasing requirements. In an industry that demands uncompromising standards of safety, sanitation, and performance, Pentair is at the forefront of innovation. Pentair’s process valves, components, and filtration products meet stringent hygiene standards and create turnkey engineering designs that help protect critical assets and thwart problems before they start. Pentair offers end-to-end solutions for the food and beverage industry. For Pentair’s customers, that means more time and resources directed where they should be: making the food and beverages to nourish a rapidly growing planet.

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